Honouring the Natural Transitions

Saturday 22nd August 2020

10 am to 2pm

Online via Zoom

Honouring the natural cycles of our life can be empowering but also challenging. Menopause for some feels like a simple transition, while for others it can become a disruptive part of our already busy lives.

Identifying what is happening in our body and mind can also prove difficult a t times, as we try to understand what could be hormonal responses to a natural change in our lives and what is simply life.

This workshop aims to help you navigate the physical and emotional changes associated with the menopause in an holistic way. Recognising and sharing our experiences, we connect to each other and offer a voice to you as an individual and together, as a collective wisdom.

What to expect:

  • Together we will share our experiences of the menopause and how it has impacted our lives and delve deeper into the psychology and physiology of some of the ways it may manifest.
  • The workshop will offer yoga practices for calming and restoring balance, using both ancient arts like Ayurveda, movement, meditation and relaxation. As well as introducing you to the connection between physical and cognitive responses to the changes we are experiencing.
  • You will be introduced to essential oils and how to use them for self care and symptomatic relief.
  • There will also be information and discussion around mental health and mood related symptoms.

Join Lesley Wadforth and Tracy Gaillie for this workshop, the first of a 3 part series exploring the menopause and how to navigate this change in our lives, in an informed and empowered way.

Your facilitators:

About Lesley

Lesley spent 25 years as a Registered nurse before focusing full time on her Wellness adventure.  A Clinical Aromatherapist since 2000 and Yoga Teacher/Remedial Yoga teacher for many years, she is passionate about helping you find the very best version of yourself possible. She takes pride in offering Realistic yoga for Real people and runs chair-based sessions as well as traditional Hatha yoga classes.  She provides many styles of holistic massage techniques, Sound healing, and is a Reiki teacher.  

About Tracy

Tracy Gaillie is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and counsellor. With many years of experience of working somatically. She has more recently specialised in working with the body for emotional release and has a special interest in bringing together traditional yoga wisdom with psychotherapeutic knowledge to facilitate wellbeing.

Fees £48 per workshop

Each part of this series can be taken separately. It is however advisable to begin with this introduction.

How to Book:

In the first instance please contact Lesley at Health in Harmony to check availability:

Email: healthinharmony@hotmail.com

You will then be given further information as to how to book your place.

Thank you.

Upcoming Zoom Offerings:

Are you ready for classes with connection and feedback? 

Do you feel unmotivated to get going with your practice? Or enthusiastic to do more?

Maybe you are simply ready for a deeper level of rest and self care…..

You asked for Zoom classes, so here they are:

Online Refresh and Retreat 

This is a series of classes designed to reconnect, reinvigorate and nourish. You can book one or more of the classes available and there is a discount for booking all together (see below). Each class will be 1.5 hours.

What to expect:

Each retreat class will have a core theme of connection which we will explore the in a slightly different way. We will share a yoga, relaxation / meditation and an introduction to the theme. There will be some time to say hello and reconnect with others, as well as finding a deeper connection to yourself and the earth.


Week 1 – Reclaim yourself

Losing connecting to our essential nature can lead to feelings of separateness or isolation, today we will immerse in deeply nourishing practices included a gentle Asana, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and an insight into reclaiming ourselves through Anahata Chakra – reconnect to self.

Week 2 – Reconnect to the Earth

Our connection to the natural world is vital to our wellbeing and yet with so many changes in our social world, it can feel as if a major shift has taken place ‘out there’. Perhaps you still have regular walks and connect – or maybe this has waned as lockdown measures continue. Today we take time to honour the natural world around us, by exploring the connections we make through the elements – connect to the world.

Week 3 – Connect to others

A relaxed time simply to say hi to others and see how we are all getting on, followed by sharing a gentle flow together to reconnect our energies and invigorate our spirit and find renewed motivation in our practice – acknowledging that it can be challenging to ‘go it alone’ in our practice sometimes.


In addition to this series, I will also be offering a Menopause workshop on Saturday 22nd August with Lesley Wadforth. Costs and details of this will be sent out separately, but you can register your interest now to avoid disappointment.

How to Book

I have chosen times that will hopefully be a little quieter online and also a range of times that hopefully will suit all of you. We can then see what works going forward.

Please email tracy on connect@theyogashed.co.uk to reserve your place or for further details.


Week 1 – Saturday 15th August  10.30 to 12pm

Week 2 – Wednesday 26th August  7 to 8.30pm

Week 3 – Wednesday 9th  September  10.30 to 12pm


£16 per class

£43.20 (10% off) when all three classes are booked together.

If you are already subscribed to the online classes, an additional discount applies, please see the group for the code.

Please note the new website and email addresses below. The old ones will work for a little while but are being fazed out. Don’t forget to add this to your contacts or your emails from The Yoga Shed may be lost:

Email: connect@theyogashed.co.uk

Website: www.theyogashed.co.uk

Thank you

How are you coping during lockdown? Do you tell yourself everything is ok, but you feel unwell or have unexplained injuries?

This workshop introduces you to your Emotional Landscape and asks the questions, how do we identify emotions? Why is it important that we acknowledge them and what happens if we ignore them? What is the role of the body? And how can yoga help?

This 3 hour workshop is an introduction to self development and how to gain a deeper insight into your own feelings, thoughts and somatic responses.

You will also explore:

  • How to identify emotions physically and mentally and why it is important to do so.
  • To name feelings and identify where they may be stored somatically.
  • To use yoga practices to allow emotional identification.
  • To gain an insight into emotional resilience and how working with the body can encourage it.
  • The yogic and psychotherapeutic approaches to our emotions – similarities and differences.

This workshop works well as a stand alone session for those looking to start their journey into self development and emotional work. Or as part of a 6 week course, that will be offered only to those that have already attended this 3 hour introduction.

What to expect:

During this 3 hour online workshop you will be invited to participate in discussion about emotions, listen to tutorials on emotional accessibility and participate in gentle yoga practices. There will also be an opportunity to explore what emotions mean to you and what part they play in your physical experiences.

This is not a group counselling session as there will be limited time to explore individual process, however you will be asked to participate in the discussions, at a level that feels comfortable to you….  no pressure and certainly no expectation that you will share any more than you feel ready to. It is understood that we may all be at different places and this will be respected at all times.

How much we cover during this initial workshop will vary each time depending on group participation and needs.

Your facilitator:

Tracy Gaillie is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and counsellor. With many years of experience of working somatically. She has more recently specialised in working with the body for emotional release and has a special interest in bringing together traditional yoga wisdom with psychotherapeutic knowledge to facilitate wellbeing.


This will be hosted via Zoom, you will therefore require a Zoom account and will be emailed with a link 30 minutes before the session.


Saturday 1st August – 10am to 1pm



Concessions are available on request.

How to Book

In the first instance please email Tracy enquiries@theyogashed.co.uk to check availability as there will be a limited number of places.

To confirm you booking, payment will be requested in advance by text message, please provide a mobile number in your correspondence as your reference. 

You will receive a text enabling you can pay by debit / credit card.

In the event of any difficulties please call Tracy on 07789 260068.


It is with a very heavy heart that I have made the decision to temporarily close The Yoga Shed until further notice.

Whilst Im sure this is no surprise, I have very much wanted to stay open and this is a really tough decision, but your safety is paramount and following recent government guidance, it seems the right thing to do at this time.

As always, I appreciate your support and already miss seeing you here and very much look forward to opening again and restarting the classes when possible. I will of course contact you at that time…..

Fees already paid will be carried over for when we return. If this represents a problem for you please do get in touch for a refund. These fees can also be used towards the online classes. 

However, in the meantime, I would love us to stay connected and so to the good news……

You have probably already heard of the online classes I am planning and here are the full details as to how you can get involved……..

The Yoga Shed Online

Due to these unprecedented times, where we are currently no longer able to meet to enjoy our yoga together, I wanted to offer an alternative for the time being to keep you connected to the Yoga Shed Community and keep up your practice at home.

With more and more of us working from home or in isolation, it seems like the perfect time to create a positive connection to ourselves and our practice  and I hope this helps to keep you relaxed, strong and grounded at this unusual time.

So, how does it work?

The Yoga Shed Online is a closed group on Facebook where, from next week I intend to Live Stream Yoga Classes, relaxation sessions and possibly meditation and breathing practices. There will be a minimum of 2 new practices a week, to include a gentle therapeutic practice, a hatha yoga practice and/or a relaxation. You can join in with these classes either Live, that is as I am doing them and get the feel of being here at The Yoga Shed, or later if that suits you better, the content will remain on the site for you to access for at least a week.

The timetable of classes will be added to the group on Friday 20th March and I anticipate putting a live introduction on to the page this week also.

How do I join?

From your facebook page search The Yoga Shed Online and request to join the group. Look for the mandala picture (as there is more than one). Answer the questions required to join.

I know some of you may not already use Facebook but it’s really easy to join and this will give you access to this service, at least until we have classes together and hopefully also give us all some contact in this isolating time. I am more than happy to help you set up, just give me a call.

Additionally, if this proves a success there is potential to continue to add classes after the Yoga Shed is up and running again, so you need not miss a  class again.

In order to access the group, you have to be a regular practitioner of yoga, an existing member of the yoga shed or someone I have worked with in the past or have an quick assessment before joining in order to assess your needs. This will be a chargeable service.

Classes are attended at your own risk. It is a one way feed and I cannot see your practice, therefore it is expected that you have sufficient experience to adapt the class to your needs.


I appreciate that for some these are going to be challenging times and if, like me, you have recently lost your income for the time being I would like you to still have access to this content. I feel it is important that this is accessible to everyone that would like to join in. 

Therefore, I have made the decision to offer a selection of payment options, so that you can choose how much you want to pay. No matter what you pay you will receive the same content and I know wholeheartedly that you will all choose the most suitable amount for you at this time, according to your individual circumstances. I therefore suggest that you choose from the following 3 options:

  1. £10 per month    2. £15 per month    3. £20 per month. 

If you would like to choose another amount please let me know. Free Concessions are available on request for those adversely affected by the Corona Virus.

Payment can be made in 2 ways. From enrolment fees you have already paid (simply advise me and I will deducted them and keep a record here). Or to set up a standing order to the usual BACS details ( I will send these to new members via PM).

I hope this all makes sense but please do contact me should you need any further assistance or, sincerely, if you just need a chat.

See you there