Yoga is many things to many people. These days there is a bewildering choice of styles and confusing misconceptions of yoga. It is true that yoga is an excellent stress–buster, working on both physical and psychological causes. It is not true that you need to be flexible, dynamic and strong to start yoga, although all of these things can be enhanced with regular practice.

Yoga is an opportunity to allow your body and mind to find the right environment to heal itself. Through a series of ‘postures’, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, regular practice of yoga can help to improve flexibility, tone and strengthen the muscular skeletal system, massage internal organs (helping to detoxify the body), improve balance, joint flexibility and breathing capacity and promote a more focused and calm mind. This can result in improved energy levels, stamina and concentration. There are many ailments that benefit from regular yoga practice, not least of which are: stress related disorders, breathing problems and some back pain. Here at the Yoga Shed, we also specialise in yoga for mental wellbeing and offer trauma informed practices. Yoga is essentially about the unification of the mind and body; by respecting the fact that they are intrinsically linked, it works to enhance the ‘whole’ person, finding harmony and balance to promote a state of well being. Ultimately we will all find something unique in yoga. By celebrating individualism yoga allows us to respect who we are within and guides us to our own path of fulfilment and good health.