The Yoga Shed is situated in a gorgeous garden studio, nestled in a tranquil spot overlooking the garden, you can hear the sounds of nature as you immerse yourself in your yoga practice.

Opened in 2013, it was conceived as a place to go for yoga that is non judgemental, authentic and inclusive. A place to be You. Here, you will be encouraged to work at your own pace and listen to your body’s inner wisdom. Somewhere to find your own path to wellbeing.

We offer small group specialised courses, 1-2-1s, workshops and teacher training, with an holistic approach. We even added underfloor heating to make relaxation extra special.

So whether you need to rest and restore, feel more energised, or you want to explore a deeper level of yoga practice, you will be welcomed and offered individual attention.

For those of you looking for a weekly practice, we have an extensive online library, all recorded in The Yoga Shed, with the same ethos. No filters, no edits, just real yoga.

Hope to see you here soon.