Yoga Therapy for The Management of Stress and Fatigue

Stressed? Fatigue? Burnout? Or simply holding patterns of tension that you want or need to release, then this might be for you……………

In today’s busy lives it has become increasingly difficult to maintain a self-care routine that truly addresses these issues. Unaddressed tension in the body or mind can develop into unconscious ‘holding patterns’ and habitual reactions, which can lead to ill health.

Developing a deeper level of awareness, through regular yoga practice with understanding of our physical, psychological and energetic bodies, can reveal these deeper held patterns and allow the process of transformation to begin.

This 6 week course will offer one yoga practice, repeated each week, designed to address issues of stress and fatigue, to liberate more energy and awareness and restore peace. The practice itself will include gentle asana practice (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and Yoga Nidra; there will also be some theory and group work /discussion. Whilst the practices will be repeated each week (enabling you to learn, remember and integrate into a home yoga practice), the emphasis of the practice will change each week to include:


  • Stress and Fatigue – a journey of awareness and understanding and the role of tension and stress.


  • The Mind – Increased connection to our internal and external world


  • Prana – Chakras as a Body Map and elevating chakra awareness to intuitive levels


  • Letting Go – holding patterns and the essential breath


  • Layers of perception – The Koshas


  • Observation and the role of silence.


Where:  The Yoga Shed, Akeley

When:   6 consecutive weeks, FROM Friday 28th OCTOBER to Friday 2nd December, 10am to 12pm.

Investment:  £132            Yoga Shed Members (already enrolled in classes) discounted rate -£120.     Includes a relaxation CD.

Who – Suitable for those with some yoga experience, with a desire to deepen their knowledge.

To Book please email Tracy at: