Yoga Teachers – Online Peer Group Supervision

A place to come together, share collective wisdom and be held.

How are you? What’s Lockdown been like for you? How are you finding the new ‘normal’ in the yoga industry?

These and many more similar questions could be asked during yoga peer supervision. Find a place where you can share your thoughts, experiences and concerns, where we can find support in each other’s experiences and commonality and learn from our uniqueness.

This group will be facilitated by yoga teacher and counsellor Tracy Gaillie.

The initial group meeting will be an opportunity to decide if group supervision is for you. 

Tracy’s role as facilitator will draw from traditional peer support groups, where she will guide and support the themes and polarities that arise, assist in identifying the groups needs and hold the group – facilitating a group that can work effectively together, understanding common objectives and share process in a confidential environment.

There will be an opportunity,  (but no expectation) to commit to a fortnightly meeting that goes deeper into exploring the themes that arise and support teachers in their growth and development. Each week we may choose to focus on a particular theme, for example client needs, business compliance, emotional responses etc. Or perhaps allow the supervision to reveal itself organically.

The group will find its own path and grow to support all of its members, no matter experience or circumstances.

When – Thursday 3rd  – September 7 to 8pm 

(other dates available please enquire)

Where – Zoom

Fees for introductory group – £10.

If you think this is of interest please contact Tracy to check availability –