Yoga and The Fragrant Heavens

Join Mona for this deeply nurturing workshop!

Fragrances and smells can evoke deep routed memories, connection to people and places, deep meditative and euphoric states and can create bridges in our spiritual practice.

Aroma connects directly to our parasympathetic nervous system – the branch of the autonomic nervous system that controls the peripheral organs and the ability to remain calm and relaxed. Inhaling aromas reaches the emotional aspect of our subconscious quickly – which is why sense of scent is such a powerful healing tool.

The beautiful plants and aromas we’ll be exploring in this workshop are Palo Santo (holy wood), Pine, Patchouli, Rose, Peppermint, Wild Orange and Frankincense.

Mona will be sharing different methods of using oils such as anointing, burning and vaporising, helping you to create healing, meditative spaces for yourself. You’ll learn how and why aromas have been used during practices, their vibrations and connection with energy centres and rituals throughout history and why we still apply these today.

In this nurturing workshop, we will start with a flowing yoga sequence before moving on to some deep impactful restorative yin postures, self-massage and finish with a visionary Yoga Nidra practice – all in combination with essential oils to support the elements of the practices.

Suitable for all levels, apart from complete beginners.
Not suitable if you are pregnant, have respiratory problems, asthma, or allergies to essential oils. Contact me if you aren’t sure.

Booking your place:

To book please email Mona direct to reserve your space, as there are only 14 spaces:

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To confirm your reservation full payment in advance is required.

Cancellations:  up to 7 days before the workshop, full refund.  Any later cancellations will only be refunded if somebody else is taking your space.  It’s free of charge to transfer your ticket to a friend if you can’t make it (provided they are not a complete beginner).