New Dates available for this popular workshop: The Emotional Landscape – Connecting to our Emotions and Understanding how they Manifest both in Body and Mind.

How are you coping during lockdown? Do you tell yourself everything is ok, but you feel unwell or have unexplained injuries?

This workshop introduces you to your Emotional Landscape and asks the questions, how do we identify emotions? Why is it important that we acknowledge them and what happens if we ignore them? What is the role of the body? And how can yoga help?

This 3 hour workshop is an introduction to self development and how to gain a deeper insight into your own feelings, thoughts and somatic responses.

You will also explore:

  • How to identify emotions physically and mentally and why it is important to do so.
  • To name feelings and identify where they may be stored somatically.
  • To use yoga practices to allow emotional identification.
  • To gain an insight into emotional resilience and how working with the body can encourage it.
  • The yogic and psychotherapeutic approaches to our emotions – similarities and differences.

This workshop works well as a stand alone session for those looking to start their journey into self development and emotional work. Or as part of a 6 week course, that will be offered only to those that have already attended this 3 hour introduction.

What to expect:

During this 3 hour online workshop you will be invited to participate in discussion about emotions, listen to tutorials on emotional accessibility and participate in gentle yoga practices. There will also be an opportunity to explore what emotions mean to you and what part they play in your physical experiences.

This is not a group counselling session as there will be limited time to explore individual process, however you will be asked to participate in the discussions, at a level that feels comfortable to you….  no pressure and certainly no expectation that you will share any more than you feel ready to. It is understood that we may all be at different places and this will be respected at all times.

How much we cover during this initial workshop will vary each time depending on group participation and needs.

Your facilitator:

Tracy Gaillie is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and counsellor. With many years of experience of working somatically. She has more recently specialised in working with the body for emotional release and has a special interest in bringing together traditional yoga wisdom with psychotherapeutic knowledge to facilitate wellbeing.


This will be hosted via Zoom, you will therefore require a Zoom account and will be emailed with a link 30 minutes before the session.


Saturday 1st August – 10am to 1pm



Concessions are available on request.

How to Book

In the first instance please email Tracy to check availability as there will be a limited number of places.

To confirm you booking, payment will be requested in advance by text message, please provide a mobile number in your correspondence as your reference. 

You will receive a text enabling you can pay by debit / credit card.

In the event of any difficulties please call Tracy on 07789 260068.