Summer Classes and Workshops

This August I am delighted to be offering a selection of classes and workshops here at The Yoga Shed. The first ones are now open for booking and there has already been a lot of interest before these were confirmed and as always I feel grateful to all of you that support the Yoga Shed each year.

Detailed explanation of the classes are below but the first classes available to book are as follows:

Monday 6th August – 10 to 11am. –  Hatha Fusion Flow Class with Tracy.  – £12

Thursday 9th August – 6 to 8pm –   Workshop for Upper back, Neck and Shoulders with Mona – £25

Monday 13th August – 7 to 8.30pm – Roots, Aroma Yoga Practice with Mona – £18

Monday 20th August – 7 to 8.30pm – Relaxation Immersion with Tracy – £18

Wednesday 22nd August – 7.30 to 8.30pm – Gong Bath with Rosita – £18

To book any of these classes please email Tracy in the first instance for availability, payment will need to be made in advance for all classes to confirm your place.

Full details:


Monday 6th August   10 to 11am

Hatha Fusion – flow class. A fusion of traditional yoga practices meets a fluidity of movement synchronised with the breath. Hatha is a powerful tool for transformation and invites the union of the sun (ha) and the moon (tha) energies to open the mind to the present and balance the body. Including relaxation, breathing practices and flowing asana this class will be suitable for those looking for a fusion of deeper body work rooted in traditional practices. Tracy will offer a class that is adapted and suited to the individuals on the day.

Cost – £12


Thursday 9th August 6 – 8pm

This workshop focuses awareness to the upper back, neck & shoulders. 

Our intention in this workshop is to strengthen potentially weak areas, rebalance posture, release muscle tension and increase mobility, and circulation in the joints.



You will learn a few gentle, somatic movement practices to release tightness and pain in over used muscles and receive a detailed handout to bring these into your home practice.

We will also look at how to align the shoulders in your regular yoga practice to keep space in the joints and build strength in weak areas of the upper back, without crowding the neck.

The session will include a restorative posture for re-alignment and release and a deep relaxation, which is one of the most effective tools for dealing with pain and facilitating positive change.

Cost – £25 including handout



Monday 13th August  7 – 8.30pm

Roots – Aroma Yoga Practice

A 90 min holistic yoga practice, based on the healing wisdom of elemental yoga & Ayurveda, using essential oils as powerful allies.

In this session we’ll focus on the Earth Element with a grounding flow, a deep yin practice, stimulating our yin tissues, our bones and the denser structures that support us and mimic the properties of Earth,  the life-giving element that sustains our existence.

To support our practice, we’ll use velvety, woody, base aromas which evoke a warm & nourishing embrace from Mother Earth.

Cost – £18


Monday 20th August   7 to 8.30 pm.   

Relaxation immersion.  An opportunity to escape to a deeply immersive relaxation experience, Tracy will guide you through some gentle asana work (postures) that ease you towards a sense of grounding through the body and calming the mind. The practice will include pranayama (breathing practices) meditation and a long luxurious sound based relaxation.

Cost – £18



Wednesday 22nd August 7.30 to 8.30pm

The ever popular Gong Bath returns to the Yoga Shed for the summer.

This is a deeply relaxing, immersive, sound therapy (Nada)  – a perfect opportunity for healing rest and relaxation.

The gong is one of the oldest musical instruments known. Based on ancient wisdom, the gong vibrates at frequencies that allows the body to heal itself.  If you haven’t experienced a Gong Bath before, expect an immersive relaxation, based on healing sounds which balance the vital energies of the body.

Let the ‘tsunami’ of sound carry you to a deeper level of awareness and rest, as you simply lie down and absorb its transformative possibilities.

Cost – £18


Contact- Tracy: