New term


I am looking forward to welcoming you all back to classes, just a reminder that they begin from Thursday 8th September inclusive, so I will see all of you that attend Thursday classes this week and then all other classes from next week (12th).

As I post this, I am aware of the change in the weather, it has a decidedly autumnal feeling today and I sense the earth’s energy shift into a new phase.

As we look ahead to autumn I anticipate new courses (including a course designed around the success of the Combatting Stress and Fatigue workshops) and lots of wonderful energy and relaxation that the autumnal colours and changes bring.

The Autumn equinox (22nd September) approaches, this is a time for rest, contemplation and renewal. As the ‘growth’ part of the year draws to a close we are encouraged to ‘harvest’ our own achievements and take stock. Life is often so busy we rarely take time for ‘completion’, to pause and allow space, before rushing to the next task. This more dormant phase ahead of us encourages us to be mindful, cultivating this sense of completeness and maybe even discovering the wholeness that is already there, if only we stopped to notice. Autumn is a time for balance, between the extremes of summer heat and winter cold, how wonderful that we can bring this to our practice and lives if we choose to honour the seasonal variations around and within us. Perhaps introduce some meditation to your daily practice and once you begin to notice the changes, go out for a walking meditation amongst that golds, reds and warm colours we can anticipate with delight.