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Sadly we have experienced some problems with our website host connection. This has meant that on recovery of the site some old posts were sent out again.

This had also prevented email delivery and receipt for a few days and therefore if you have sent any messages that did not receive a reply, do please get in touch again.

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A place to come together, share collective wisdom and be held.

How are you? What’s Lockdown been like for you? How are you finding the new ‘normal’ in the yoga industry?

These and many more similar questions could be asked during yoga peer supervision. Find a place where you can share your thoughts, experiences and concerns, where we can find support in each other’s experiences and commonality and learn from our uniqueness.

This group will be facilitated by yoga teacher and counsellor Tracy Gaillie.

The initial group meeting will be an opportunity to decide if group supervision is for you. 

Tracy’s role as facilitator will draw from traditional peer support groups, where she will guide and support the themes and polarities that arise, assist in identifying the groups needs and hold the group – facilitating a group that can work effectively together, understanding common objectives and share process in a confidential environment.

There will be an opportunity,  (but no expectation) to commit to a fortnightly meeting that goes deeper into exploring the themes that arise and support teachers in their growth and development. Each week we may choose to focus on a particular theme, for example client needs, business compliance, emotional responses etc. Or perhaps allow the supervision to reveal itself organically.

The group will find its own path and grow to support all of its members, no matter experience or circumstances.

When – Thursday 3rd  – September 7 to 8pm 

(other dates available please enquire)

Where – Zoom

Fees for introductory group – £10.

If you think this is of interest please contact Tracy to check availability – connect@theyogashed.co.uk


I felt it was time for an update and want to keep you in the picture as to what is happening at The Yoga Shed.

It has, at times been a challenging few months and like many other small businesses there has been precious little help and information to assist with the often difficult decisions we need to make. Sadly, as a self employed person, for a variety of reasons I did not qualify for any government help and as a consequence all the decisions I have subsequently made have been to try and protect the future of The Yoga Shed and ensure that I stay connected with all of you, my fantastic community. This has been my priority.

To that ends, as you know, I immediately set about doing the online classes and I have been delighted to see so many of you enjoy them over the last few months. It’s been so wonderful to see you all ‘out there’ still doing your practice and its been fantastic to still feel the connection with you all….. So much so, you have inspired me to offer a more permanent online solution!

So many of you have recently had your own challenges to address, with many changes and restrictions affecting our lives. Never has it been so important to maintain self care and your yoga practice is a big part of that. It can become easy to drop the things that nourish us, as we get caught up in day to day challenges, but soon we can begin to feel demotivated, stressed, anxious or lethargic – its vital to keep our connection to the body at this time. So I am really delighted to see the online classes still thriving, with so many of you keeping up your yoga practice.

So what happens next?

Well, as you know I sent an email around, not so long ago, to ascertain what you would like to see in the future and I have, of course, had to balance this with what I feel is viable and manageable for me.

The result of this continuing pandemic has been that many of you do not feel ready (or are unable) to return here for the foreseeable future (which I completely understand).

A large number of you requested Zoom classes and a continuation of online classes, but many of you find Facebook inaccessible.

Therefore I have made the following plans:

  1. I am very excited to announce that, in response to your continued enjoyment of the online classes, I am developing a new, more user friendly, online yoga platform, via this website. This will make the videos more accessible to all who want them and it will be easier to navigate too. It will offer unlimited access to a library of classes for a monthly fee and will still offer high quality content, with a variety of styles to suit you – watch this space ….. I will be in touch soon with information on how to join and a fee structure that I hope will be manageable or you. Until then the classes will continue on Facebook as usual.
  2. As from September, I will also be offering 1-2-1 appointments at The Yoga Shed. These will be limited to 1 hour, to comply with regulations (mostly because of using the loo!). 1-2-1 sessions can be adapted to the individual, whether you are looking to tailor your yoga practice, want to combine yoga with talking therapy, need a counselling session or have a specific need to address, it can be done – please just get in touch. It’s confidential and you know the space – I hope you feel it is safe and welcoming. Fees for 1-2-1’s are usually £50 per hour, however anyone already subscribed to online classes will be offered up to a 15% discount – please see details below.
  3. I am also working on some teacher training for those teachers out there looking to update your skills – if you are interested in learning more about trauma, emotional wellbeing, self development, chakras for self awareness, its all here ready to go – I just need you to snap it up whilst you can. Additionally, individual mentoring for teachers is available, as well as group supervision.
  4. In acknowledgment and gratitude of your continued support, from September, I am introducing a discount system for those of you with a monthly paid subscription to The Yoga Shed Online Classes (whether via the new website platform or Facebook). The structure is as follows: 1-2-1 sessions in person at The Yoga Shed will attract a 10% discount 1-2-1 sessions via Zoom will attract a 15% discount All online Zoom sessions, such as workshops and courses that are run exclusively by me, attract a 10% discount
  5. Having assessed the viability of small weekly groups at The Yoga Shed, this is sadly something I am unable to offer in the short term. The size of the shed, coupled with social distancing makes it very difficult to safely comply with regulations of indoor classes. Of course, there are also additional expenses to consider for all businesses opening at this time, which impacts the affordability of such classes. However I am closely monitoring this, your safety and comfort is paramount and government protocol will determine when we can fully open again.
  6. Finally, I will do my very best to offer additional content, such as online workshops and classes, so keep checking the website for more details.

So what does this mean for you….. well in the short term no change! The facebook classes will continue to be available until the new, exciting and better platform is available.We are almost ready to go (I am aiming for October at the latest) and the new website subscription service is an exciting new way forward.

Booking is open for September – To avoid disappointment book early for your 1-2-1 sessions, maybe share one with a friend?

Keep Watching For The Brand New Yoga Shed Online coming soon – check facebook, emails and the website for upcoming information.

Access More In Depth Practices – with Zoom classes, workshops and courses, again check email and website regularly for details.

I can still feel all of the wonderful energy we have built together in The Yoga Shed and I feel optimistic that we can continue to build on this as we adapt and embrace the ‘new normal’. Its does, after all, offer us an opportunity to work in new and creative ways. Our yoga practice really has helped us to prepare for change and now it has arrived, lets embrace it together, keep practicing and build resilience, healthy routines and maintain the wellbeing of our very special yoga community.

I look forward to seeing you all practicing soon. Remember self care is the key to staying healthy in this pandemic.

Warmest wishes for a very bright future….. Tracy xx

To book any sessions email Tracy: connect@theyogashed.co.uk

Connect to the Earth. An one and a half hour class offering presence, connection and stability.

In our turbulent relationship with the current pandemic, we seek nature’s elements (tattvas) to connect us back to self…. a beautiful way to feel grounded and settled.

Zoom link sent 30 mins prior to class.

To book please email Tracy – connect@theyogashed.co.uk


Special early bird offer – Book by Thursday 20th for discounted rate £14

thereafter – £16

Honouring the Natural Transitions

Saturday 22nd August 2020

10 am to 2pm

Online via Zoom

Honouring the natural cycles of our life can be empowering but also challenging. Menopause for some feels like a simple transition, while for others it can become a disruptive part of our already busy lives.

Identifying what is happening in our body and mind can also prove difficult a t times, as we try to understand what could be hormonal responses to a natural change in our lives and what is simply life.

This workshop aims to help you navigate the physical and emotional changes associated with the menopause in an holistic way. Recognising and sharing our experiences, we connect to each other and offer a voice to you as an individual and together, as a collective wisdom.

What to expect:

  • Together we will share our experiences of the menopause and how it has impacted our lives and delve deeper into the psychology and physiology of some of the ways it may manifest.
  • The workshop will offer yoga practices for calming and restoring balance, using both ancient arts like Ayurveda, movement, meditation and relaxation. As well as introducing you to the connection between physical and cognitive responses to the changes we are experiencing.
  • You will be introduced to essential oils and how to use them for self care and symptomatic relief.
  • There will also be information and discussion around mental health and mood related symptoms.

Join Lesley Wadforth and Tracy Gaillie for this workshop, the first of a 3 part series exploring the menopause and how to navigate this change in our lives, in an informed and empowered way.

Your facilitators:

About Lesley

Lesley spent 25 years as a Registered nurse before focusing full time on her Wellness adventure.  A Clinical Aromatherapist since 2000 and Yoga Teacher/Remedial Yoga teacher for many years, she is passionate about helping you find the very best version of yourself possible. She takes pride in offering Realistic yoga for Real people and runs chair-based sessions as well as traditional Hatha yoga classes.  She provides many styles of holistic massage techniques, Sound healing, and is a Reiki teacher.  

About Tracy

Tracy Gaillie is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and counsellor. With many years of experience of working somatically. She has more recently specialised in working with the body for emotional release and has a special interest in bringing together traditional yoga wisdom with psychotherapeutic knowledge to facilitate wellbeing.

Fees £48 per workshop

Each part of this series can be taken separately. It is however advisable to begin with this introduction.

How to Book:

In the first instance please contact Lesley at Health in Harmony to check availability:

Email: healthinharmony@hotmail.com

You will then be given further information as to how to book your place.

Thank you.