Stressed? Fatigue? Burnout? Or simply holding patterns of tension that you want or need to release, then this might be for you……………

In today’s busy lives it has become increasingly difficult to maintain a self-care routine that truly addresses these issues. Unaddressed tension in the body or mind can develop into unconscious ‘holding patterns’ and habitual reactions, which can lead to ill health.

Developing a deeper level of awareness, through regular yoga practice with understanding of our physical, psychological and energetic bodies, can reveal these deeper held patterns and allow the process of transformation to begin.

This 6 week course will offer one yoga practice, repeated each week, designed to address issues of stress and fatigue, to liberate more energy and awareness and restore peace. The practice itself will include gentle asana practice (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and Yoga Nidra; there will also be some theory and group work /discussion. Whilst the practices will be repeated each week (enabling you to learn, remember and integrate into a home yoga practice), the emphasis of the practice will change each week to include:


  • Stress and Fatigue – a journey of awareness and understanding and the role of tension and stress.


  • The Mind – Increased connection to our internal and external world


  • Prana – Chakras as a Body Map and elevating chakra awareness to intuitive levels


  • Letting Go – holding patterns and the essential breath


  • Layers of perception – The Koshas


  • Observation and the role of silence.


Where:  The Yoga Shed, Akeley

When:   6 consecutive weeks, FROM Friday 28th OCTOBER to Friday 2nd December, 10am to 12pm.

Investment:  £132            Yoga Shed Members (already enrolled in classes) discounted rate -£120.     Includes a relaxation CD.

Who – Suitable for those with some yoga experience, with a desire to deepen their knowledge.

To Book please email Tracy at:

Yoga as Therapy Workshop 23rd September 2016 – A CPD day for counsellors and psychotherapists.

Yoga as Therapy

Reconnecting to our physical bodies can create openness and release that creates an environment for change.

During this workshop you will be invited to participate in an experiential journey towards this connection. Exploring techniques that are both rooted in traditional Eastern Yoga Philosophy and developed with western scientific research.

Aims of the workshop:

  • To learn, experientially and theoretically,  simple yoga practices that aid relaxation and encourage body awareness
  • To experience the deeply calming properties of yoga together and understand their therapeutic value in a clinical setting
  • Identify specific therapeutic application of these techniques when working with clients
  • Gain skills that can be used immediately for personal self care – including relaxation and stress management.

Expect to participate in gentle yoga stretches and lots of relaxation. Please wear loose comfortable clothing, layers may be best. Some practices will involve floor based relaxation.

The workshop will outline and demonstrate techniques which draw from various traditions and practices, including Yoga Nidra, visualisation and meditation as well as some simple, but effective breathing techniques for treating anxiety, depression or simply to relax and calm. No prior experience of Yoga is necessary.

About Tracy

Yoga therapist, Tracy Gaillie, has been working in a number of settings for the last 14 years delivering classes and workshops with an emphasis on holistic integration of the body mind experience. Following personal illness, she discovered that simple yoga practices began to reconnect her to her body again, as she finally listened to the messages it was sending, she was gradually led towards change and development. As she taught these practices she realised that yoga facilitated not only a release but a need to express feelings, discovering what this could offer in the therapeutic relationship.



The workshop will be held at the training venue – Banbury Therapy Training Centre – 18a South Bar – Banbury OX16 9AF


The fee for the day’s training is £95 which includes lunch and CPD certificate.  You can book using your card over the phone by ringing the Banbury Therapy Centre reception on 01295 231320, you can send a cheque with a booking form to NTT, 69 Oxford Road, Banbury OX16 9AJ, or you can book online at


I am looking forward to welcoming you all back to classes, just a reminder that they begin from Thursday 8th September inclusive, so I will see all of you that attend Thursday classes this week and then all other classes from next week (12th).

As I post this, I am aware of the change in the weather, it has a decidedly autumnal feeling today and I sense the earth’s energy shift into a new phase.

As we look ahead to autumn I anticipate new courses (including a course designed around the success of the Combatting Stress and Fatigue workshops) and lots of wonderful energy and relaxation that the autumnal colours and changes bring.

The Autumn equinox (22nd September) approaches, this is a time for rest, contemplation and renewal. As the ‘growth’ part of the year draws to a close we are encouraged to ‘harvest’ our own achievements and take stock. Life is often so busy we rarely take time for ‘completion’, to pause and allow space, before rushing to the next task. This more dormant phase ahead of us encourages us to be mindful, cultivating this sense of completeness and maybe even discovering the wholeness that is already there, if only we stopped to notice. Autumn is a time for balance, between the extremes of summer heat and winter cold, how wonderful that we can bring this to our practice and lives if we choose to honour the seasonal variations around and within us. Perhaps introduce some meditation to your daily practice and once you begin to notice the changes, go out for a walking meditation amongst that golds, reds and warm colours we can anticipate with delight.


Do you find sleeping can ellude you, or are you a restless sleeper? Join us for a 2 hour workshop with Selina Sasse, exploring techniques to support your own ability to have a regular good night’s sleep.

Wednesday 27th July 10am to 12pm.

£22 / book by Thursday 21st for early bird discount £20.

 At The Yogashed, Akeley.

Different life stages can throw up obstacles to getting the vital rest our bodies and minds need.  Things that may be in or out of our control – it may be a busy mind, worry, being disturbed by children, hormonal changes, exhaustion,bereavement or family troubles, all sorts of things – or we may not know what’s keeping us from the sleep we long for.

 This summer workshop is an opportunity to unlock the resistance to the rest you need. Learn to release tension in the body and the mind, through yoga movement,breathing and additional mindfulness techniques.

 The retreat includes a sequence of asana, pranayama and mindfulness practices,that can be tailored to create your own sleep plan to enable deep relaxation and a sense of letting go. 

 The workshop will also include looking at how you can best look after yourself,so that those attending will leave with their own personal guidelines to practice at home – before bed and for when disturbed.

 To book please email Tracy:

Wimbledon, strawberries and cream and well, the sun is trying to make an appearance… It must be summer. Such an exciting time as we look forward to this year’s ‘Rejuvenate’ at The Yogashed Summer school.

With so many styles of classes and workshops to choose from – from restful Yoga Nidra workshops to dynamic hatha flow classes, there is something for everyone to sample, from the experienced yogi to the complete beginner.

We are also delighted to be welcoming new teachers, including Sarah Lo, Deborah Poll, Selina Sasse and Jo Sheppard, as well as the familiar faces that make the summer school so special including Mona Baur and Rosita Hills.

I am anticipating this year’s offerings as an invitation to rejuvenate and refresh, especially important in the current political climate of uncertainty and fear that is dominating our news at the moment. I am reminded that this is a time for coming together and sharing, for gratitude and awareness. For living in the present not the past.

All we have is now….. and now is all we have.

So join us for a celebration of life, yoga and sharing.

Download Yogashed Summer School Timetable and Booking Form Here