1-2-3 Monthly Sessions

Would you be interested in joining in a monthly 1-2-3 yoga session.

Are you looking to dive a little deeper into your practice, to be a little bit more challenged physically, encouraged to explore more or need more relaxation and gentle movement?

Led by senior yoga therapist, Tracy Gaillie, 1-2-3 Sessions at the Yoga Shed are exclusive, very small groups, designed to give you a greater insight into your practice and how to get the most from it. They range from therapy based sessions to more dynamic ones and the intention is to match you with like minded souls looking for this specialist approach. This might be gentle, dynamic or designed to meet a specific need.

Please get in touch for more general information:

Currently one space available in a new 1-2-3 group – In Depth:

Would be ideal for an experience student to gain more individual insight into their practice, or even a teacher.

First one will be Tuesday 20th June at 2.30pm, then monthly thereafter (as negotiated in the group).

Email for more details: